One of the most popular reasons people choose a career in adult care is the sense of personal achievement and satisfaction you get from the role.

Knowing that you’ve been able to really help someone and make such a huge difference to their life is an incredibly rewarding feeling that you don’t usually get from many other careers!

In a recent survey of those working in Social Care, 88% of people said they were happy in their jobs, and 96% said they felt their work really makes a difference to their patients. It’s no wonder some 1.6 million people have chosen Social Care as their career of choice!

Aside from feeling great for it, the next most popular reason people choose Social Care is the job security. 

We’re guiding our clients through uncertain times. Read our advice for adapting to a new way of working together—and keeping your eye on the future.

Be prepared to evolve and adapt and continue to build a successful career in uncertain times—and beyond.

A learning lifestyle is a community driven initiative.  The community sets the agenda and provides the content. Assigned coaches and managers support the learning lifestyle by creating opportunities for learning and knowledge sharing.Want to be part of our journey? Check out our latest internship positions on our vacancies 

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